Waffle Blocks™ Castle

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Build a world of fun with Little Tikes Waffle Blocks, the only easy-to-use construction system designed to connect in different ways allowing even more imaginative play.  Just stack… lock… build… and create! Made in USA with US & imported components.

Little Tikes Waffle Blocks easy for little hands to build big. You can build 3D, connect wide, and stack high exploring endless possibilities that your little one can imagine!



  • 80+ pieces & figures
  • Includes storage bag, princess, knight, dragon, horse and carriage. 
  • Four playsets in one
  • Easy-to-use blocks allow free building or construction of playsets
  • Build up, sideways and mix and match with other Waffle Blocks playsets 
  • Waffle Blocks made in the USA

2 + years
Carton Size
16.00''L x 5.25''W x 13.00''H --- Weight: 6.50lbs.

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