Picket Fence Sandbox

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Toddlers will have hours of fun outdoors with the Picket Fence Sandbox. Brightly colored, this Little Tikes sandbox holds up to 200lbs of sand. It's designed to keep your kids busy building and exploring, while developing their creativity and social skills as they play with their friends. Made in USA.

This Little Tikes Sandbox is a great way to bring sand play into your backyard. With built-in seats kids can sit and play comfortably.



  • Two built-in seats
  • Removable lid that covers the base when play time is done
  • Holds 200lbs of sand (not included)


1 - 4 years
Product Size
33.30" L x 33.30" W x 10.40"H --- Weight: 11.40lbs
Inside of sandbox
30.00"L x 30.00"W x 5.90"H
Carton Size
34.00" L x 334.00" W x 10.50"H --- Weight: 14.00lbs

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