Kingdom Builders™ Wreckin' Roller™

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Kingdom Builders are the only toys that combine figural play with role-play tools that unlock a magical world of adventure!  There are multiple ways for kids to build the Wreckin' Roller. The Wreckin' Roller is controlled by Captain Cannonblast and is designed to cause havoc for the Hex Castle! Captain Cannonblast is included and he shoots himself through a cannon.  The Wreckin' Roller encourages imaginative and creative play!

The Wreckin' Roller belongs to Captain Cannonblast. He's the leader of the Bashers, whose main desire is to take the Builder's magic tools. Packed inside a 3ft frame, Cannonblast has no patience and can literally go off anytime, with the drop of his cannon! He likes to shoot himself through a cannon.



  • The Wreckin' Roller comes with rolling wheels, a shooting iron fist, dropping balcony, a cannon, and much more!
  • There are multiple ways kids can build and rebuild the Wreckin' Roller
  • Wreckin' Roller builds to 2 feet tall
  • Includes exclusive Captain Cannonblast figure who transforms into a powerful, working cannon!
  • Use Captain Cannonblast in cannon form to bash Hex Castle. 
  • All Kingdom Builders work together to - Build, Bash, Remodel!
  • There are many openings on the Wreckin' roller where any of the accessories can be placed
  • Pieces from other Kingdom Builders playsets can also be used on the roller
  • Comes with 25+ pieces to build and customize the roller
  • Assembly Required

3 + years
Product Size
15.00"L x 6.00" x 25.00" H --- Weight: 2.25lbs.
Carton Size
20.00"L x  9.00"W x 15.75"H --- Weight: 5.50lbs.

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