Crazy Toaster™ Game

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Kids inside due to the weather? Get them moving and having fun with the Crazy Toaster Game. Catch the toasted bread as it flies up out of the toaster. Keep a good eye out cause you'll never know how many pieces will pop up!

Each player takes a pan and once all the toast cards are placed into the toaster, the first player pushes the toaster’s nose down to start the timer for the first round.  Players use their pan to catch the flying toast and try to make matches. Only pieces caught in the pan are good, the rest go back into the toaster for the next round. The game ends when the toaster is empty and the player with the most matching pieces wins! 



  • For 2 - 4 players
  • Game play time is about 10 minutes
  • 40 + game pieces
  • No batteries required
  • Assembly Required

4 + years
Carton Size
10.50''L x 4.50''W x 10.50''H --- Weight: 2.20lbs

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