Lil' Shopper™ - Pink

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The Little Tikes Lil' Shopper in pink is a modern toy shopping cart that lets toddler girls mimic trips to the store just like mom and dad. Designed with a wide basket to hold all that your little one puts in it! This cart has a seat with leg holes for a doll or stuffed toy so kids can take their favorite toy with them to the grocery store. Made in USA.

Modern toy shopping cart will help kids mimic trips to the grocery store or come in handy in their pretend kitchens!


  • A deep basket provides plenty of space for all of a child’s favorite things
  • Extra storage underneath
  • Seat for a child's favorite stuffed animal or doll
  • Accessories shown are not included

18 + months
Product Size 14.50''L x 12.00''W x 21.50''H --- Weight
2.85lbs.Carton Size: 15.00''L x 13.00''W x 22.00''H --- Weight: 3.00lbs.

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