Quiet Drive Buggy™ - Blue

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This ride on push car is great for children and parents. This buggy lets children get comfortable with the feel of being outdoors as they graduate to more advance riding toys. Kids love the steering wheel and smooth ride while parents love the sturdy push handle and durable construction. Made in USA.

The Quiet Drive Buggy riding toy is the perfect vehicle to take your child anywhere.  It is ideal for long hikes, short walks, or anything in between. 


  • Ride-on car has 2 stages:
  1.  Push Buggy - Convenient push handle and keep floor board in so child's feet are away from the ground
  2.  Foot to Floor Ride On - Remove floor board and handle so kids can go one their own
  • Includes seat belt
  • Easy to steer
  • Cup holders for child and for mom or dad 
  • Parent phone holder on handle
  • Honking play horn
  • Maximum number of kids: 1
  • Maximum weight limit: up to 50lbs.
  • Accessories shown are not included
  • Assembly Required    


18 months - 5 years
Product Size
36.00''L x 18.00''W x 39.00''H --- Weight: 9.00lbs.
Carton Size
18.50''L x 14.00''W x 34.50''H --- Weight: 10.50lbs.

Reviews (4)


Aug 28, 2019 Just got this for my 6 month old daughter. She loves going on walks with it. She is still a little small for it but I just cushioned the seat with a small blanket and strapped her in and it works great. The ride ia very smooth. I am 5' 3" and husband is 5' 9" and the handle height is very comfortable for both of us. Assembly was fairly easy. Took about 30 minutes.


Aug 18, 2019 we used it with the push handle. he is tall for his age but no way could reach the ground on his own(we tried). parent handle has a phone and drink holder both which I used and loved. phone holder holds iphone7plus. drink holder holds a 20Oz water bottle. we pushed this toy repeatedly and with abuse on bumpy grassy areas and it has held up well, never any issues with durability or safety whatsoever. also performs on flat even surfaces well. not quiet. youre not going to sneak up on a deer, but its a kids toy and makes noises a plastic buggy would make. nothing too too loud. once my son could reach the ground around age 2 we took the floor out and removed the handle. he was able to push on the grass but mostly likes riding on smooth driveway. at age 3 he is almost 40 inches tall and still fits without bumping his knees. I can see him fitting until at least age 4. hes tall for his age so Im not sure he will fit to age 5. but even if he doesnt it has been well worth it. this is one of his

Proud JayHawker

Jul 26, 2019 We purchased this for our grandson's first birthday... OMG, he loves it so much. Assembling was average, but our boy is so worth it. He's a climber so even though we're not pushing him every minute of the day (which he wants), he enjoys climbing in and out and pushing it himself. He loves wild and crazy rides around his house and longer jaunts around the neighborhood. It was his favorite gift! I love that it had a seatbelt and the whole ride is adorable!


May 31, 2019 Best purchase for my 9 month old. I was a bit hesitant because the product is recommended for 18 month +. However, my daughter has been able to sit independently for awhile. The first time we took her for a spin around the neighborhood, her face was priceless. She loved holding the steering wheel and looking at everything. Now, we use this for our morning and evening walks and she is as excited as the first time. Definitely the best purchase I have made. It took my husband some time to figure out how to assemble it, but no big deal.

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