Triple Play Splash T-Ball™

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The Triple Play Splash T-Ball Set offers 3 different ways for kids to play baseball. In stage 1, T-Ball, beginners can build confidence using the adjustable tee . When they're ready to step up the difficulty, kids can move on to stage 2, the Pop-Up Launcher, where they stomp on the spring-loaded pad to launch a ball upwards. At stage 3, Splash T-Ball, kids can hit the baseball while it's floating on a stream of water!
Kids will have fun stepping on pedal to launch ball upwards and hit a home run!



  • 3 grows-with-me modes: T-Ball, Pop-Up Launcher, and Splash T-Ball
  • Adjustable tee for left and right handers
  • Kids step on the pedal to launch the ball upwards
  • Connect to a hose for advanced Splash T-Ball game
  • No batteries required
  • Includes: Tee, Bat and 3 Balls
  • Assembly Required

2 + years
Product Size
17.00"L x 18.00"W x 29.00"H --- Weight: 3.50lbs
Carton Size
25.00"L x 5.25"W x 15.75"H --- Weight: 5.75lbs

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