Disc Swing

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This disc swing is a new twist on a traditional tire swing. Hang it from any tree or swing set for hours of fun. The disc is easy to sit on with a smooth, rounded surface - no scrapes or ragged edges. Can be adjusted as your child grows. Super durable. Made in USA.

This classic disc rope swing can be hung from any tree branch to provide hours of swinging fun. Sturdy, molded plastic disk is designed with comfort in mind.


  • Comes with 10 feet of rope to accommodate varying heights
  • Maximum number of kids: 1
  • Maximum weight limit up to 100lbs.

3 - 10 years
Product Size
11.75''L x 11.75''W x 5.25''H --- Weight: 2.25lbs.
Carton Size
4.90''L x 11.60''W x 11.40''H --- Weight: 2.30lbs.

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