Big Waffle® Blocks

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The perfect combination of a construction set and building blocks! These snap-together giant waffle blocks are perfect for building a fort, castle and anything else imaginations can create. Use them inside or out. The unique waffle design lets kids put them together and take them apart over and over! Made in USA.

These classic Big Waffle Blocks help little builders build big ideas! This Little Tikes favorite comes with 18 fun and colorful blocks which are perfect for building imaginations for both indoor play and outdoor play!


  • The lightweight Little Tikes blocks are easy to fit together 
  • Connect securely in every direction
  • The pieces are sized just right for little hands
  • Eighteen pieces include
  • Each piece is 14"L x 2"W x 14"H
  • Made in the USA


2 + years
Carton Size
18.75''L x 14.50''W x 27.00''H --- Weight: 22.00lbs.

Reviews (3)


Jul 14, 2019 I really love the idea of the big waffle blocks. My kids are 2, 4, and 5, so the perfect ages to play together and enjoy the same types of toys. The kids were very excited as soon as they saw the box. When we started building together we realized it took my husband and I to actually get most of the pieces interlocked as the kids were struggling with lining it up right and pushing them in together strength wise. No big deal. Then as we started to build things we realized that something had to be really solid to stay together well. A cube stayed together well, but making a tunnel looked good until they tried crawling through. Seemed like the smallest bump to the side had the edges come right apart from one another and crash to the floor. Unfortunately for us, we have all hard wood floors and the sound of it crashing down in our apartment was a giant boom and echo every time. If we had a carpet, I'm sure this would not have been an issue, but hardwood floors and upstairs neighbors with th


Jul 07, 2019 Before I gave my kids this set of Waffle Blocks I took away all other toys in the living room. They've been playing with them for most of the day for 4 days straight and haven't seemed to miss the other toys! I love these waffle blocks for so many reasons: 1) my kids range from 9 months to 5 years old. With this product I didn't have to worry about little pieces and there was value in it for each child. 2) Very sturdy! They've thrown them, jumped on them, and dragged them around... They held up great! 3) I love that they can always think of something new to create with these....a train, a restaurant, a bed, an ice skating rink.... Really a great product to spark creativity, problem solving, and team work. I would definitely buy them again!


Jun 28, 2019 This is probably one of the best sampling opportunities that I have ever been a part of. When I opened the box my daughter automatically started naming the colors. We looked at the designs on the side and spent so much time laughing and assembling. Assembly was so fun to watch. If the block didn't line up my daughter would twist and turn it until it fit and it was amazing to watch her tiny little brain figure that out. She comes home from school and goes directly to her blocks just wanting to build. It doesn't matter if it's a "house" our a colorful walking path, she just enjoys them and therefore I enjoy them too. I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.

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