Wacky Wash™

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Spark your child's creative play with the Little Tikes Wacky Wash! As kids take their "cars" through the car wash, they will be soaked by twin spray heads and spinning fabric strips.  Water, bubbles and imaginative play make this Wacky Wash inflatable a delight!

Wacky Wash is a car wash made just for kids!  Water, bubbles, and imaginative play make this role play inflatable a delight for the outdoors. 



  • 1 sprayer with extra hose to spray water
  • 2 spray heads inside car wash
  • 2 stationary rollers
  • Fabric curtain entrance
  • Spinning feature with hanging fabric strips
  • Soap bubble maker included
  • After inflation, blower must run continuously while children are playing
  • Wacky Wash must be firmly anchored in place
  • Stakes to anchor bouncer
  • Heavy-duty blower with GFCI plug with stakes
  • Storage/carrying bag
  • Repair kit
  • 90 Day Limited Warranty from date of purchase on bouncer
  • 1 year Limited Warranty from date of purchase on blower
  • Refer to instruction booklet for set-up, storage, maintenance and care
  • Coupe cars, sponge and bucket pictured are not included
  • Designed for home outdoor use only!

Our consumer’s health and welfare is very important, Little Tikes strives toward higher than required standards to ensure that we not only meet the acceptable limits of compliance, but more often exceed them. Little Tikes tests every product to ensure 100% compliance with the entire Consumer Product Safety Information Act (CPSIA) including phthalates and lead content in both surface coatings as well as structure.

18 months - 8 years
Product Size
55.00"L x 52.00"W x 65.00"H --- Weight: 11.00lbs.
Carton Size
  22.75"L x 10.75"W x 17.00"H --- Weight: 13.00lbs.

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